Certified Recovery Peer Support

Advocacy through experience and love.

Being Told What To Do Sucks.

That’s why we built a program guided by the belief that recovery support services should reflect the personal, individual nature of recovery, not our opinions. We work with participants to remove the barriers they face to sustained wellness.

Peer Services in Action

Post Overdose Response Team (PORT)

The Post Overdose Response Team (PORT) is a strategic response program that connects a participant who has experienced a non-lethal overdose with a certified recovery

Our Approach To Peer Services

Certified Recovery Peer Supports are individuals with lived experience in recovery, certified through the state to provide recovery support services. Our recovery support staff works with participants to develop individual recovery plans, focusing on participant defined areas of need. As a peer-led organization we understand wellness is self-defined, as is the path to reach it. Our staff focuses on working with participants to remove barriers from the path to wellness. Each person’s path to recovery will present barriers, some different than others, our goal is to build participant resilience and autonomy in overcoming them. 

We believe that form follows function, and we work to ensure our recovery support services reflect our function of love and support for people impacted by drugs. To this end, we expanded the traditional scope of recovery support work to include ALL people impacted by drug use. Any positive change a person can make is a step to wellness and recovery. To this end, our support services are available to anyone, regardless of their current relationship to drugs and alcohol. 

We love you, just as you are.